Welcome to the romantic art of Linda Coulter.  These art works are hand painted with tender love and care to embrace the beauty of nature, color and sunlight. 

Linda Coulter is internationally known artist and teacher.  She can teach YOU how to paint like this, too!


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Linda Coulter's Camitura Art Style

Linda Coulter's Camitura art style is a delightful art style based on old master art concepts from the Renaissance era, streamlined and converted to using today's fine art paints and mediums.  Linda developed her Camitura art method from her studies of old masters of the Renaissance era.

This multi-layering art style easily divides and conquers the painting process to simplify and streamline each step, from start to finish.  Coulter's Camitura art techniques require considerable pre-planning for the design with special consideration about visual temperature, color saturation and value recognition.  Coulter has developed special blending techniques to further streamline her Camitura art style, thus enabling her students to achieve a very fine degree of quality in their painted designs. 



The use of glittering gold or silver during this layering process can produce an art work that "glows" when natural sunlight touches it.  Subjects come alive with color and light when painted in Linda Coulter's Camitura art style.

This is an exceptionally fun art style to learn and enjoy.  Watch this page for special opportunities to learn this!









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