Welcome to the romantic art of Linda Coulter.  Each work of art is hand painted with tender love and care to embrace the beauty of nature, color and light.  Linda teaches her art style and painting techniques at national art seminarsArt Workshop in a Box and Designs Sets

Paint Roses

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Learn to paint Linda Coulter's beautiful roses


Two Art Classes teaching Roses ...  Click here for details


Learn to paint Vintage Roses ...

Acrylic Painting Techniques DVD

Linda Coulter's Vintage Rose Techniques DVD will teach you this  acrylic painting technique for Vintage Roses

In addition to this new DVD, you'll receive 21 traceable patterns     (3 sizes per project), written instructions and reference photographs, all presented to you on compact disc. 

The range in pattern sizes will enable you to paint vintage roses on on a variety of surfaces, ranging from furniture and decorative accessories to small artist canvases. 

Each project consists of one, two or three roses, as shown here on Linda's vintage rose tables.





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